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Orion. Pronouns: They/Them.

I'm a nonbinary gray-aro bisexual atheist in my early twenties.

This blog is focused on social justice issues but I also reblog a lot of funny things, cute animals, and puns. Look at my about page for follow rules, and look at my blacklist if I follow you. Please let me know if you need something tagged. Feel free to call me out if I fuck up.

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Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Maybe he didn't know the correct word to label Kieren at. I see it more being pan/demi rather than bi to be frank.

The description of him did make him sound demi, but people can be demi and bisexual. When I say “bisexual” I’m using it more as an umbrella term with the meaning of “at least two genders”, so yeah you’re right that he could be pansexual. 

Jul 24 '14



So I mentioned a couple days ago that I was thinking about coining a new term to better describe my gender. I’ve been using aliagender, but why not create a more accurate label if I’m capable of doing so?

How I feel about my gender: simultaneously detached from the concept of gender entirely (while somehow not quite fitting agender), and encompassing most* of the non-binary part of the spectrum.
My gender is a fixed point of being these two things, but the way I feel about gender roles and how I relate to them is really inconsistent on even so much as an hourly basis. My presentation is vast in what it encompasses, but unchanging - I like certain aspects of femininity and masculinity, but hardly ever branch out beyond the aspects of them that I already like.

So without any further ado, the word I’ve created to describe all this is gendereaux. As a bonus, eau means water in French (genderfluid, geddit??) and adding an x to a word ending in eau makes it plural, like the infinite points along the spectrum. (Plus it sounds cool as hell ngl)

If you feel like my gender and yours match up and you want to use this term, go right ahead! Keep in mind though that being gendereaux is very much about my personal relationship with the concept of gender, not so much about subverting gender roles or anything on a grander scale like that, and I’d like for it to retain that personal meaning. Also, if anyone wants to create a pride flag for it, please don’t - I’ll get around to it.

*I say most, not all, because of gender identities that it would be appropriative for me to use, such as those with roots in cultures and communities I don’t belong to/am not involved in (third gender, two-spirit, etc, as well as newer ones, such as nekogender).

Jul 24 '14



definition: Genderflux means that your internal sense of how gendered you are varies over time. One day, you might feel really gendered, and the next day, you might have a very weak feeling of gender, or not feel like any gender at all. Whereas genderfluidity is a shift between different genders, genderflux is more like varying intensity. 

coined by: unknown

Jul 24 '14

I’ll just go through the MOGAI archive tumblr. There are sooo many terms it’ll take me so long to go through them

Jul 24 '14

…the first google search result for gendervoid is from the ugh/socialjustice tumblr =/

Jul 24 '14

gendermoony replied to your post “gendermoony replied to your post:Hey:) I noticed you posted that…”

I’m 99% the writer is bi himself so I’m not that angry

Fair enough, but this isn’t an isolated thing.. there’s a severe lack of canon bisexual representation and it’s unnerving how many times writers take the “this person doesn’t need labels!” route when it comes to bisexuality. As if the word doesn’t (or shouldn’t) exist and it’s just really…. sad. 

Jul 24 '14

Also the show had a line that implied that Kieran isn’t attracted to women (because of what Amy said) so it makes it even more difficult for bisexuals to find representation in Kieran. I’m sure there’s going to be a bunch of people who claim that he’s not bisexual because of that one line and because so far in the show he’s only shown interest in men. But then the writers turn around and say that he’s not gay and not attracted to people based on gender? But then they refuse to define him as bisexual? Why won’t writers ever give us canon bisexual characters? Why do they always have to turn it into a political statement about how people don’t need labels?

Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Yo! In The Flesh's writer actually stated that Simon was gay (denofgeek interview), and that with Kieren, "he’s not gay but he’s not straight. He’s more in love with the person than the gender," (scifinow interview), which could be interpreted to mean he's bi/pan, although the writer also clarified that he doesn't like labels so he'd rather not use them.

Why do writers keep doing this with non-monosexual characters. Like, why is he ok with labeling the sexuality of every other character (the gay ones, anyways) but not for someone he claims “is not gay or straight” and loves people “regardless of gender” ?? 

It’s really really telling. 

Jul 24 '14

gendermoony replied to your post:Hey:) I noticed you posted that slideshow thing about In the Flesh which calls Kieran bisexual/pansexual. I always thought he was gay, as we only ever see him interested in men in the show and when he goes to that party Amy says she doesn’t love him ‘that way’ because she ‘knows he doesn’t likely that’, which I thought suggested he didn’t like girls. Am I missing something? (I probably am) Thanks

The writer in interviews has said Simon is gay but that he doesn’t like to define Kieren’s sexuality (he’s not gay, he’s not straight, blah blah)

Here you go, anon.

Now that you mention that I remember reading that somewhere. I hate it when writers do that… =/

Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey:) I noticed you posted that slideshow thing about In the Flesh which calls Kieran bisexual/pansexual. I always thought he was gay, as we only ever see him interested in men in the show and when he goes to that party Amy says she doesn't love him 'that way' because she 'knows he doesn't likely that', which I thought suggested he didn't like girls. Am I missing something? (I probably am) Thanks

I was actually going to ask about the same thing. I’ve seen a LOT of sources say that he’s bisexual (and I’m fairly sure Simon is) but nothing in the show suggested that Kieran or Rick are bisexual. But there are things that suggest they’re gay, so I’m not really sure.

In the transcripts it’s really clear that Rick is gay. I haven’t finished reading them so maybe something in the season 2 transcripts will clarify Kieran’s sexuality? 

Jul 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

I have a question regarding the submission about d*kes and male privilege. I used to identify as a dyke, and now identify as genderqueer, and in both instances, I've been informed that I have male/male-passing/masculine privilege. I didn't want to refute this, because I'm concerned that would be an example of exercising that privilege and mansplaining, etc. But that submission seemed to suggest that that sort of idea was nonsense. Do you mods or other followers have any input on this?



telling a someone who identifies as a women she has male privilege because of the way she dresses. or acts, or displays her gender in any way, is bullshit. but i’m not pretending to be an expert on gender, and gender expression vis-a-vis oppression. Perhaps the followers would be better at explaining this? Or linking to someone who could better answer your question.

Just … I’m not really believing the whole “some women have male privilege” shit, from what I can tell, it usually ends up transphobic, transmisogynistic, cissexist, lesbophobic, homophobic, biphobic,  and a bunch of other shit. 

This anon’s ask is such a prime example of why more and more I hate what the conversation about Privilege has turned into.  Privilege is a very real thing and people need to be aware of their own privileges in order to be part of a nuanced conversation and play an active role in breaking down the establishment of oppression and build a more equal society. 

What Privilege is not is a “Get out of an argument free” card.  It is not something someone can just toss on another person, find some weak justification for why they have privilege and then dismiss anything they have to say after that as being exercising that privilege.  I get so sick of seeing marginalized queer identities tossing privilege arguments back and forth at each other without a trace of intersectional awareness.  Saying that a genderqueer AFAB has male privilege is like saying that a trans woman who can live stealth has cis privilege. Just stop it. 

I throw side eyes at any position where any and all counterpoints are then used as examples of why it is right.  If you’re not open to respectful debate about your opinions and ideas then how can you truly say they actually have merit? Instead it sounds like when conspiracy theorists use legit explanations as proof that there’s a coverup and the conspiracy is thus real.  ”Chemtrails exist!” “My cousin works for the airline, that’s not what that is.” “Your cousin must be in on it! And they lied to you, so clearly they’re hiding something!” 

Jul 23 '14

queeravenger replied to your post “Jinora has probably the only character design I really like in Legend…”

i really hate the character design for older aang

I don’t either he looks so different and weird. 

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